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So as is commonly known, if you hold down the pedal on a piano and play the strings resonate with whatever you play. This never ceases to amaze me.




White people are ghouls


This bothered me all morning. The idea that I live near people like this has been hanging over me for weeks and has literally leeched the energy and spirit from me. 

But when I went to Google to learn more about what happened, it turned out that the bar was not advertising this. Instead, a customer wrote it and he was then thrown out the bar and banned for life.

The bar owner went on to say that he had a half-black son.

And that they ”drove through Ferguson yesterday and [he] … would be the last person to joke about Michael Brown.”

This alone doesn’t fix things. Someone still wrote those awful things on that sign. But hearing the rest of this story does make me feel a little less terrible.

Because what I really need to see more of right now is proof that people aren’t as awful as I’m starting to believe they are.

Cast of ‘Orange is the New Black’ // 66th Primetime Emmy Awards // 2014

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Here it is, the monster of at home workouts. It might look like your average equipment free, do anywhere plan but trust me, this one is a killer! I originally intended this to be 3 repetitions of the first cycle but as I led my XC team through this plan, I quickly realized that was pushing it haha. You can certainly attempt to do the longer version and as always modify this to meet your body’s needs!

This is designed to have 1-2 minutes of rest between each cycle but try to keep rest between exercises to 15-30 seconds (at most).

(And all my college friends out there, if I hadn’t made this for my team I would say this was made for you because it is perfect for dorm rooms! You can do it with minimal space, there’s no jumping to bother neighbors, and you can adapt the length of time to fit your schedule!)

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Got my j’s on






Might be a little dark for some, but as someone who battles with depression I find this hilarious.

A funny and accurate depiction of those dreadful days when you feel like you can’t even move without messing it up- this is usually the end result.


This is the solid truth.